Cellular Etc services most prepaid companies,
including AT&T and Verizon.

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 With a Verizon phone, you can do Verizon on Verizon, or Pageplus on Verizon depending on your usage needs:

Verizon monthly:

$35 per month unlimited talk and text

$40 per month 5GB with hotspot

$50 per month 15GB with hotspot

$65 per month unlimited data hotspot additional $5

 Page Plus monthly:                                

$12per month 500 minutes/500text/100MB of data                                         

$29.95per month for unlimited talk, text, 3 GB of data                                 

$39.95per month 8GB of high speed data                        

$55 per month 22GB of high speed data          

By-The-Minute plans:

100 minutes for $10 (4months)

or 2000 minutes for $80 a year