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Internet on the go

H20 Bolt hotspots provide you with a secure, high speed Internet connection. Choose from our Bolt Unite 4G LTE or Smart Sim to activate your own device on-the-go. Stay connected without searching for Wi-Fi  signals.

Why choose Bolt?

Keeps Internet  Connections at up to 4G LTE Speeds On-the-go

  • Stream data at home or go nationwide with the fastest connections at any rate

  • Service with no annual contracts

  • Stream data on a conveniently transportable device for up to 10 hours

  • Share the connection with up to 10 Wi Fi enabled devices

  • 24/7 customer service access

Experience lighting fast 4G LTE speeds with nationwide coverage. Take the internet on the go or activate your own tablet, IPod, Smartphone and more to stay connected on the GSM (at&t) network starting at $25.

  • $25...2GB of 4G LTE and 2GB of 2G for 10 days

  • $50...5GB of 4G LTE and 5GB of 2G for 30 days

  • $70...7GB of 4G LTE and 7GB of 2GB for 30 days

  • $90...10GB of 4G LTE and 10GB of 2GB for 30 days