Established in 2008, Cellular Etc started offering wireless accessories for all carriers. The company is owned and operated by Art and Jennifer Campbell of Black River NY.

Cellular Etc opened a store front at 268 State Street in Carthage New York, Nov. 1, 2010 offering a variety of pre-paid plans for all carriers.

Art has 15 years experience in the wireless industry coupled with a Master’s Degree in Education Technology from SUNY Potsdam while, Jennifer has 11 years experience combined with a Bachelor Degree from SUNY Oswego. The business started with the community and the customer in mind.

When a customer walks in the store, they are the focus. Consumers need an alternative to higher priced cellular contract plans. Cellular Etc offers alternative plans on the Verizon and AT&T networks for less. Typically, contract plans with a smart phone run close to $80 plus tax and surcharges while, the individual prepaid plan with unlimited talk, text, and data start at $20.00 a month. People can bring their device in or purchase a new one with a one year warranty at Cellular Etc for much less than what it would cost elsewhere.

Getting High Speed Internet is easy. GOTW3 CR400 Modems are available: 150MBPS antenna with wifi access point. Unlimited internet, portable, no contract on AT$T 5G Broadband $109.99 a month. Call for details.  

Please take a look at the satellite TV or internet service offered by Cellular Etc. for home or business: Dish, Directv, and Hughes Net Gen5. 

Cellular Etc has several carriers to choose from. Concerning Verizon towers, customers can do Verizon or Pageplus. Page plus offers affordable monthly plans that start at $12 which include 500 minutes, 500text, and 100mg of data and top out at $55 which include Unlimited Talk, Text and data. Verizon starts out at $35.

Concerning AT&T towers, customers can use such prepaid carriers as AT&T, H20 and Cricket. Plans start as low as $10 for 3 months, or $20 a month for unlimited talk, text and 1GB and top out at $60 for unlimited data with a hotspot.

If you want to keep your cellular or land line telephone number; Cellular Etc is able to port that number to one of our carriers. Cellular Etc. also offers car chargers, data cables, HDMI, cases, screen protectors, batteries, routers,bluetooths and speakers.

  • Authorized Carrier dealer for Verizon, Pageplus, AT&T, H20, Cricket and most other carriers. Verizon bill payments accepted.
  • Authorized Satellite Dealer for DISH, DIRECTV, HUGHESNET home or business.
  • Cellular Phones: new and CPO phones such as IPHONES, GALAXY, MOTOROLA, LG and construction grade flip phones.

Troubleshooting for any device is always available.

·        We would like to thank the local communities for their support and loyalty over the years. Without you, there would not be a Cellular Etc. in Carthage NY.